Chair Persons Sculptures

'Goodwins sculptures incorporate chairs with the human form. These soft sensual sculptures work on the fringes of surrealism.

They have developed over two decades, and grew out of her personal life and an awakening to her universal femininity in both familial and social circles. They are very much an inner journey, and address traditional ideas of femininity'.

Fiona Brenninkmeyer

'Sculpture is a simple sublime language. Few people know it or even understand it. It is a rare language.'

Louise Bourgeois 1994

'Animalism leaps to the fore with the ravishing and sexy ''Metamorphosis' in a three dimensional visual shock Magritte would have been mightily proud of'.

James Malpas Sotheby Institute
  • 'Chair  Person No 7'
  • 'Chair Person No 6 Palamos,  Catalunia'
  • 'Metamorphosis'
  • 'Chair Person No 3'